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Stingrays now worst-kept secret amongst Canadian law enforcement agencies

It's time for an informed debate about the use of these spying tools -- and for that we need transparency from police.

Responding to reports yesterday evening and this morning about the Toronto Police Department's use of Stingray surveillance devices, OpenMedia's Digital Rights Specialist Laura Tribe had this to say:

"This latest revelation is further evidence that these invasive cell phone surveillance devices are being used right here in Canada.

Stingrays are the worst kept secret amongst Canada’s law enforcement agencies. As more and more cases are being revealed, it’s clear that it’s time for a national discussion about privacy. We deserve an informed debate about the appropriateness of using these devices in a democratic society, and for that we need transparency from police.

This development also underlines the need for a broader national discussion about the role that Canada’s law enforcement should have in protecting, not violating, our personal privacy.

Given the extreme potential of Stingrays to compromise their personal information and data, Canadians deserve to know that these tools are being used with clear transparency, accountability, and responsible data management requirements. The federal government should be demanding answers about their use, and looking to implement safeguards to protect our privacy and security."

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