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Group demands real media choices for Canadians

For Immediate Release:
June 27, 2007

Canadians For Democratic Media

A campaign was launched today to get Canadians involved in decisions about the future of the country’s media landscape. “Canadians for Democratic Media” is urging people to send a message to the CRTC calling for policies that limit concentrated and cross-ownership in the media and support public and community-based media.

“We are in the middle of a major wave of private media consolidation in this country and we are very worried about what it means for access to a diversity of made-in-Canada news and entertainment in cities and towns across the country,” says Steve Anderson, coordinator of Canadians for Democratic Media. “Recent history suggests we are headed for even less local coverage and less original programming.”

The CRTC is accepting submissions from the public until July 18 toward developing a new policy to ensure a “diversity of voices” in the Canadian broadcasting system as required by the Broadcasting Act.

“It is really important that the CRTC hear from more people than simply the lawyers who represent the media companies,” Anderson points out. “This is about how private companies use the public airwaves. Canadians deserve choice in what we watch on television, hear on the radio, read in our local newspapers and see on the Internet. Without a range of media voices, we get less information and fewer points of view on the events that shape our lives.”

To find out more and to participate in the campaign, “Stop the big media takeover,” visit www.democraticmedia.ca.

Canadians for Democratic Media is a broad-based network of consumer, labour, media reform and citizen groups from across Canada.


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Paul Boin

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