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2007 Fast Rewind

2007 Fast Rewind
by: Mark Leiren-Young

2007: It was the year everyone became greener than thou and started carbon neutralizing their cappuccinos. The loonie flew, the U.S. dollar sunk and the gold standard was replaced by the iPhone.

Conrad was Blackballed, Brian was caught lyin', Harmony stopped flyin' and no Canadians seemed to be smarter than a fifth grader.

Stanley Park blew away, B.C. Place deflated, Surrey went skinny-dipping and Vancouver got trashed.

Dan Rather shocked potential tourists with true stories of the Vancouver Eastside, and the RCMP shocked a real tourist at the Vancouver airport and made up stories to hide the truth.

iTunes TV came to Canada, giving Canadians an all-new way to not watch CBC.

Vancouver was declared the world's most livable city because it's the easiest place on the planet for the homeless to find leftover lattes.

Former B.C. finance minister Carole Taylor was elected mayor of Vancouver. Or is that next year's news?

Rocket scientists got a bad name for blasting off while blasted. Dumbledore came out of the broom closet and Potter-mania swept the planet. Isaiah Washington declared Grey's Anatomy too pink. The Arctic melted, Al Gore heated up and polar bears started time-shares with koalas.

U.S. President George Bush's popularity got whacked and so did Captain America. Oprah campaigned for Obama, Osama campaigned for Giuliani and Clinton campaigned for Clinton.

U.S. TV writers went on strike, which meant millions of Americans no longer know how ridiculous their presidential candidates are, without late night monologues to mock them.

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