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We’re not buying it

Canada’s price-gouging Big Three telecom giants are running scared and they’re spending big money to mislead Canadians.1 Ads targeting you are popping up all over Canada. But Canadians aren’t buying it – here’s why: First, the Big Three took Canadians to court to try and overturn key parts of Canada’s new customer-friendly cell phone rules;2 rules that together we fought for and won. Then, they jacked up their already sky-high monthly rates.3 And now they’re trying to convince the entire country that more choice is a bad thing? What?!

We need your help to counter their spin; tell your friends and family what’s really going on. Please spread the word right now – share our petition with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


Canadians recognize that they’ve been getting ripped off for years – and are demanding better. That’s why the Big Three are spending a fortune to pull the wool over our eyes with a PR campaign that even the Industry Minister has slammed as “dishonest” and “misleading”.4

There’s a reason we’re demanding choice: More choice means lower prices and improved service. These telecom giants have been systematically blocking independent providers while price-gouging Canadians for years.5Now they’re using their massive profits to mislead you. Will you let them get away with it?

We’ve got to spread the word right now – share our petition with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Ask them to sign it and share it with their friends too.

You might not realize it, but each share amplifies Canadians’ voices, and makes us much much stronger. Your efforts at getting the word out are crucial to getting decision-makers to sit up and take notice. This is the lever that counters the power of Big Telecom’s lobbyists.

Let’s tell Big Telecom we’ve had enough of their spin. Now is the time to stand up and be heard.

For Canada,

David, Jason, and Noushin, on behalf of your team

P.S. Big Telecom has deep pockets after years of price-gouging Canadians. Our small, dedicated team here at are up against an incredibly well-financed opponent. At this crucial moment, could you chip in with a human-sized donation today to help make sure the truth gets told?



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