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We couldn’t have done this without you

A few years ago, we at OpenMedia began to realize that fighting against efforts to shut down the open Internet wasn’t enough - we needed to clearly articulate what we were fighting for. And we needed to do this with you, our amazing pro-Internet supporters. Since then, we’ve experimented with lots of different ways to crowdsource our plans, and create positive alternatives together. Our

When we first launched our crowdsourcing tool, we had an ambitious goal: 20,000 people, double the number who have participated in similar crowdsourcing efforts in the past. But, thanks to all of you we surpassed that goal by a massive margin!

At this moment, nearly 40,000 people have taken part in shaping a global vision for free expression. This is amazing, and it’s your time sharing and giving us your insights that have made this achievement possible.

A special thanks to our top 5 sharing leaders– Tod, Salim, Patricia, Wayne, and Connie – for encouraging hundreds of new people to participate. Our pro-free expression prize package includes some of the cool new ideas and cutting-edge tools that the Internet has made possible – we hope you enjoy them. If you’d like to see how you or others did, be sure to check out our leaderboard.

What we’re learning from this process is that people want the Internet to be a place that both fairly compensates artists, and prioritizes our ability to share and connect globally. Collectively, you want this fair deal to be reflected in our laws. Check out Thanh’s blog, “3 Things You Need to Know About Sharing and Collaborating Online” for more details.

Stay tuned in coming months - now we’re going full steam ahead to plan the launch of your vision, and to make it a powerful and influential alternative to the extreme secrecy of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

And, of course, we’ll continue to always provide you with powerful tools to amplify your voice in the moments that matter most.

Thank you again, so much, to all of you who helped make this achievement possible.

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