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Stakeholders present key artificial intelligence amendments to Bill C-27

A group of civil society groups are delivering fixes to the AI portions of Bill C-27 to parliamentarians.

In the world of politics, where all the big decisions are made, things often move at a snail's pace. But every now and then, there's a swell of voices from people who care, groups that advocate, and experts who know their stuff, and it's impossible to ignore. Today is one of those times as we proudly announce the delivery of a package of AIDA High-Priority Amendments to our MPs. 

The Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA), one section of private sector privacy reform bill C-27, has been a rushed Bill from the start, plagued by a lack of meaningful consultation and an alarming disregard for necessary protections for Canadians. Civil society has called for a redo for AIDA to get it right, not pass it as rapidly as possible. 

OpenMedia has teamed up with leading experts, academics, and other civil society organizations to come up with a series of mandatory amendments to AIDA if this version of C-27 is passed. 

The amendments proposed within the package cover three key areas: 

Ongoing Review, Consultation, and Legislative Updates: Recognizing that legislation must rapidly evolve alongside quickly developing AI technology, this section advocates for a mechanism of iterative consultation and review. 

Upholding Human Rights: A key concern with AIDA’s current text is that it prioritizes the needs of industry over the fundamental human rights of Canadians. The proposed amendments seek to strengthen protections for individuals and groups, mandating thorough assessments of AI systems' impact on privacy and equity. 

Independent Oversight & Enforcement: Central to the effectiveness of any legislation is robust oversight and enforcement mechanisms. The establishment of an independent AI & Data Commissioner, detached from industry influence and direct Ministerial control, is paramount. This commissioner must serve as a guardian of citizens' rights, ensuring compliance with AIDA's provisions and swiftly addressing any violations.

So, what's next? It's simple: we need your help. Spread the word, talk to your MPs, and let them know fixing AIDA isn’t optional: it’s a core demand of constituents like you in their riding. ​​Email your MP now and tell them to give AI regulation the full study it deserves and the amendments it NEEDS!

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