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We are bringing your voices on Bill 66 to the Ontario Parliament. What do you want us to say?

We’re speaking to the parliamentary committee debating Bill 66, and we want to voice your concerns about the repeal of the Wireless Services Agreements Act.

Next Monday March 18, I’ll be speaking to the committee debating Bill 66 in Ontario about the repeal of the Wireless Services Agreements Act (WSAA) and I’d like to bring your voices to the hearing.

Bill 66, as you probably know, is an omnibus bill tabled by the Ford government that is making sweeping changes to many laws. Among those changes is the repeal of the WSAA, which gives people in Ontario important protections when they sign cell phone contracts.

This is an important law that prevents cell phone companies from publishing misleading ads, make you sign unreadable contracts, or increase your cell phone bills without your consent. And, unlike the federal regulations that are supposed to grant these protections, this law in Ontario actually has strong enforcement mechanisms.

That’s why Big Telecom has been trying to get this law repealed in Ontario for years. Now they have an ally in government who is trying to do just this.

On Monday I will speak to the committee about the benefits of the WSAA and why they should keep it in place. But, listing a bunch of statistics and academic arguments won’t work. I need to bring them the voices of real people who have to deal with the misleading and predatory practices of cell phone companies on a daily basis.

And that’s where you come in. This law is made to protect people like you, so I want to bring your voice to this hearing.

If you were standing in front of this committee reviewing Bill 66, what would you say to them? What has been your experience with cell phone companies in Ontario? Have you been charged hidden or unreasonable fees? Have you been the victim of misleading sales tactics?

You can write comments for the committee by commenting on this blog post (scroll down!) or by filling out this form if you prefer to give your comments privately (click on this link!).

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When the government first introduced Bill 66 they thought no one would care about the repeal of the WSAA. After all, it was buried underneath some major changes that affect everything from childcare to the Greenbelt.

But thanks to over 5,000 of you who messaged your MPPs, the government has been forced to take notice of the pushback. In fact, your voices were so loud, that NDP MPP Catherine Fife brought up your emails during a parliamentary debate, mentioning how the government has heard from thousands of constituents who are worried about Big Telecom gaining more power over us.

We have already made an official submission stating our opposition to Bill 66, but we want to make sure your voices are also heard loud and clear in Parliament. That’s why I need you to fill out a comment either by commenting below or by filling out this comment form so I can tell your story to this parliamentary committee.

Together we can stop this bill and save these important protections for cellphone users!


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