Image for OpenMedia is crowdsourcing a Jumbotron at the FCC for the final Net Neutrality push
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OpenMedia is crowdsourcing a Jumbotron at the FCC for the final Net Neutrality push

FCC Chair Tom Wheeler has just revealed key details about upcoming rules to stop Big Telecom’s Internet slow lane plan. Decision-makers are on the right path but we know telecom lobbyists are pulling out all the stops to stuff the rules full of loopholes before the FCC’s final vote on February 26. They are even threatening to sue the FCC. To push back, your OpenMedia team is crowdsourcing resources to park a JUMBOTRON in front of the FCC to make the voices of concerned Internet users like you heard. Do you wanna be part of this?

We’ll also be crowdsourcing content for the Jumbotron! Your comments, photos, memes, and videos are all game to be broadcast directly to FCC decision-makers. Stay tuned for our Internet Voice Tool launch to submit your ideas and have your say.

This means the next three weeks are crucial. Lobbyists are swarming Capitol Hill to insert loopholes that can destroy the open Internet. If we don’t act, we could lose the progress we’ve made to stop telecoms from forcing our favorite websites into a slow lane online.

This decision from the FCC will set a widely-noticed example for the rest of the world. We can’t afford anything but victory with the fundamental concept of Net Neutrality at stake, especially when many of our favourite websites are based in the U.S.

If we don’t speak out, Big Telecom giants could be granted the powers to slow our favorite websites, hike up prices, and fundamentally restrict how we express ourselves online.

Given the chance, Big Telecom would ruin everything we love about the web.

The next three weeks will be “a fight for the soul of the Internet,” and decision-makers need to know where we stand.

Big Telecom companies are among the most powerful, free-spending groups in D.C. and they “will send their legions of lobbyists through the halls of Congress and to every FCC office.”

But U.S. President Obama, millions of Internet users, and hundreds of businesses have already asked the FCC to protect Net Neutrality and stop the Internet slowdown. So the FCC has no excuse.

Broadcasting your voices on a giant Jumbotron has the power to turn heads at the FCC, wake up the media, and change the debate, but we can’t afford it without your help.

Please chip in what you can today to make our Jumbotron a reality and protect the future of the open Internet.

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