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Huge $385m leap in CSEC budget: taxpayers on hook for lavish spy palace

Ultra-secretive spy agency CSEC is getting a whopping budget boost - and that's all thanks to your tax dollars. CSEC is set to receive $829 MILLION from taxpayers in 2014-15 - that's a huge 86.7% increase from the $444 million it cost us last year. But don't worry - your tax dollars are going to a great cause: building a lavish new spy palace that CBC News has described as "the most expensive government building ever built". This way, they can watch your every online move from the comfort of a gleaming palace. And all on your dime. Think this makes sense? Sound off in the comments!

Article by Jim Bronskill for The Canadian Press

The budget of Canada's electronic eavesdropping agency will almost double this year as it prepares to open swanky new Ottawa headquarters.

Estimates tabled in Parliament on Thursday show Communications Security Establishment Canada will receive $829 million in 2014-15, up from just under $444 million this year.

It includes a one-time increase of $300 million for a contract payment related to delivery of the spy agency's new facility, and over $100 million related to maintenance of the complex, built through a public-private partnership.

The headquarters includes a vast data storage unit the size of a football field, extensive new office space and a public meeting centre near the entrance to the campus.

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