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Help shape the future of our weekly Internet Insider

Have you ever heard of our Internet Insider? It's OpenMedia's weekly newsletter with an overview of relevant digital rights news and what our team has been up to behind the scenes. We are currently redesigning what we think to be a useful resource that just hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, so first, we need your feedback! 

You might not know this, but for some time now we’ve been running a weekly newsletter with a condensed overview of the week’s digital rights news, and of what we’ve been up to here at OpenMedia.

Our Internet Insider is a great resource if you don’t have much time to keep up to speed with the latest developments on privacy, online access, and free expression on the Internet. Every Friday, our Internet Insider gives you an at-a-glance look at the most pressing global digital rights news so you get to show off your Snowden-esque insights on the weekend over beers.

Part of the reason why you probably don’t know about the Internet Insider is because, we admit, we haven’t done a great job at telling people of its existence. And I promise, we’re working on it!

The first step towards this newsletter revolution is to get your feedback, even if you’ve never received it. We’d love to know what you think about it and how we can make it better, so that you actually look forward to seeing our name in your inbox every Friday!

So we thought we'd ask you: What would you like to see/read in our newsletter? You can give your feedback by filling out this form. We will be redesigning our newsletter based on your responses, so please be as clear and precise as possible.

Now the most important thing: How do I sign up to receive this incredible source of information? Just scroll down all the way to the bottom of this page and sign up where it says “Be the First To Know”. (And, yes, we’re working on ensuring our community will soon have an easier, more straightforward way to sign up.)

In the meantime, give us your feedback, and watch what happens next by signing up below!


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