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The best thing you can do right now to kill Bill C-51

The battle isn't over - we can still kill Bill C-51 and there's more than one way to do it. Make sure to add your voice!

Parliament resumes on Monday.  But will the government finally talk to us about Bill C-51?

Last week, Minister Ralph Goodale said that the government wanted to hear from the public on C-51 – a positive sign. But unfortunately we still don’t know when or what that consultation process will even look like. 

The government has said that it does not plan to introduce new legislation until the fall, when consultations are complete. But they're shaping the consultation process now. That means that this is our chance to ensure consultations are done right. 

A genuinely open consultation means empowering Canadians to choose how to deal with the biggest threat to our civil liberties of our generation, without artificial restrictions on what is possible.

We’re approaching one year since this ineffective legislation was introduced. Each day this stays on the books, Canadians continue to be subject to intrusive laws, as our Charter Rights are being violated.  Right now, the government is deciding how to consult the public about C-51 and its overreaching spying powers – and we have to keep the pressure up.

If we can get a real, open consultation on C-51, people like you will ensure the government finally has to kill the bill’s dangerous powers.

What can you do about it?

1. Email your MP

Tell your MP you want a genuine, open consultation that will let us kill Bill C-51's unprecedented new spy powers.

We know pro-surveillance forces like the RCMP are pushing to make C-51 even worse. We can’t afford to let this be decided behind closed-doors.

If we get enough MPs on side, we can make sure we get the real, open consultation we deserve to kill this reckless and dangerous legislation for good. Will you message your MP today?

2. Pay your MP a visit

Have you already emailed your MP? Looking for a more personal touch? Your MPs have offices – give them a call, or stop by and say hello in person!

Find your MP’s office address, or phone number, and tell them what you think about C-51. It’s amazing the power that individuals can have when they show up and demand to be heard.

3. #MyPrivacy: Take a photo

Our friends at Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) have launched a great new tool to let you demonstrate that you’re fed up with being spied on.

Use their photo booth and take a photo you can share on social media using #MyPrivacy, to show your friends and family that you are done with mass surveillance Bill C-51.

That’s it for this update, but stay tuned--we’ll update you on the response our MP tool is getting. As always, be sure to spread the word to friends and family to make our message louder.


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