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B.C. government to tackle bad cell phone deals: let’s add to the pressure

This is B.C.’s chance to get Canada’s best cell phone customer protections

British Columbians have a rare opportunity to demand a better deal from their cell phone providers!

The provincial government recently announced plans to improve cell phone customer protections, and they are looking for input from the public.[1]

This is an opportunity to implement ground-breaking made-in-B.C. customer protections that can complement the federal regulations under the Wireless Code of Conduct. But, just like industry has been fighting to reduce customer protections in other provinces and at the federal level, we know the Big Three will be lining up to oppose any regulations in B.C.[2]

That’s why it is key that people in B.C. give government as much input and support for bold protections. The government needs all the backing it can get when standing up against the Big Three.

Here at OpenMedia we’ve put together a set of recommendations to improve the cell phone market in B.C. In early July, we will be submitting a report to the B.C. government along with a petition of OpenMedia community members calling for improved cell phone customer protections.

You can read these recommendations and sign our petition for improved cell phone plans by clicking here

The Big Three have been taking advantage of Canadians through misleading advertising and predatory practices for far too long, and this is an opportunity for B.C. to become an example for provinces across the country.

Right now, people in most provinces rely entirely on federal regulations on cell phone companies, which have weak enforcement mechanisms and loopholes the Big Three use to take advantage of customers.[3]

If the federal government won’t step up to strengthen customer protections, it will be up to the provinces to do so through local customer protection legislation. Made-in-B.C. rules can help stop misleading advertising and increase contract and billing transparency, setting a high bar for the rest of Canada.

Provincial level customer protections are nothing new. Other provinces like Quebec, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia, have passed provincial level legislation to protect wireless service customers over the past decade, bringing greater protections to the people in these provinces.[4-6]

Now it’s B.C.’s turn to stand up to Big Telecom!

Sign the petition calling for bold protections for B.C. cell phone users.


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