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Thanks for being part of the movement to protect and expand the possibilities of the open Internet.

Please take a minute to offer your thoughts on how we should harness the power of the Internet to do great things together.



At OpenMedia we work in three main issue areas - Privacy, Free Expression, and Access - and we’ve broken down all of our campaign work to fit into one of these three pillars. Tell us which aspects of our work interest you most:

1. In OpenMedia’s work on Privacy issues, how concerned are you about:

Not ConcernedSomewhat ConcernedVery Concerned
Government spy agencies tracking my online activities
My private information being stored and shared in giant, insecure government databases
My ISP handing my personal information to the government without a warrant
My ISP handing my personal information to copyright trolls

2. In OpenMedia’s work on Free Expression issues, how concerned are you about:

Not ConcernedSomewhat ConcernedVery Concerned
Secretive agreements (like the TPP) that threaten free expression online
Legislation threatening our right to link online
Copyright abuse by Big Media to censor content online
Governments censoring websites and social media content

3. In OpenMedia's work on Access to fast and affordable Internet infrastructure, how concerned are you about:

Not ConcernedSomewhat ConcernedVery Concerned
Fair rates for all mobile phone customers, through real choice among mobile phone providers
Net neutrality – pushing for rules and penalties to stop Big Telecom from putting independent content and services onto an Internet slow lane
Pushing for municipal and/or community ownership of fast and affordable Internet infrastructure, including in rural areas
Opening up networks to independent Internet service providers to create more choice and affordability in Internet service

4. We want to know how we can best serve our community. What do you value most about OpenMedia's campaigns?

Not ImportantSomewhat ImportantVery Important
Interactive tools to collect your detailed views
Engaging & accessible social media content
Online campaigns to amplify your voice when it matters most
Informative & timely emails
Community-led crowdsourced plans
Weekly news updates
Hard-hitting op-eds and media interviews
Collaboration with other organizations and coalitions
Advertising in newspapers, magazines and around town
Taking your concerns to decision makers on the ground


We’re always looking for ways to increase community participation. Help us by answering the following questions:

5. We’re working on a new website to host our actions and keep you informed. What kind of content do you want to stay on top of the fight for digital rights? Please tell us how much you want to see

Less of thisSame as nowMore of this
Long-form, in-depth feature articles
Summaries and links to curated articles from around the web
OpenMedia in the news: links highlighting our media coverage
Rapid response blogs with quick updates on current events

6. How do you feel about how often you hear from us?

7. Optional: We’d like to know what inspires you! Tell us in about 75 words or less: why do you care about the open Internet?

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9. Would you recommend OpenMedia to a friend?

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10. With your help, we've been able to move politics and influence decision-makers through building a post-partisan movement and focusing on common ground. Please help us improve our outreach by letting us know which political party you most closely identify with.

11. What is the most important issue for you in the upcoming Canadian election?