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Allies Survey

Thanks for being part of the movement to protect and expand the possibilities of the open Internet.

Please take two minutes to help us improve the way we communicate, engage with our community, and fundraise effectively at OpenMedia. 



Communication is vital to our work. Help us communicate better with you, our most important supporters:

1. How do you feel about the volume of communications you get from OpenMedia?

2. Do you feel that our communications tell you enough about what OpenMedia is doing with your support?

3. Have you ever communicated with us directly via email or phone? How did it go?

4. How do you want us to communicate with you? (check all that apply)

5. How would you like us to thank you for making a donation?

Community Engagement


We’re always looking for ways to increase community engagement. Help us by answering the following questions:

6. Do you feel like you have a say in the direction of OpenMedia’s work?

7. How could we better incorporate your ideas and feedback as we create new campaigns or make decisions?

8. Would you ever volunteer with us?

9. Would you consider becoming an online community volunteer to help our community self-organize and come up with grassroots campaigns?

10. If OpenMedia was organizing a free event in your area, would you attend?

Please enter your email, so we know you’re a part of the OpenMedia community. OpenMedia is committed to fighting for your privacy and we will keep your information secure.