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We are eager to hear what issues are most important to you. The average human attention span is about ten minutes--more than enough time to offer your thoughts on how we should harness the power of the Internet to do great things together.

1. At OpenMedia we work in three main issue areas - Privacy, Free Expression, and Access - and we’ve broken down all of our campaign work to fit into one of these three pillars.

Click below to open pillar-specific questions and tell us which aspects of our work interest you most:

2. The opponents of the open Internet have money and power, but we have one of the largest online communities of people in the world. We want to know how we can best serve our community. What do you value most about OpenMedia's campaigns?

Not ImportantSomewhat ImportantVery Important
Interactive, crowdsourcing online tools
Engaging & accessible social media content
Online campaigns to amplify your voice when it matters most
Informative & timely emails
Proactive, community-led crowdsourced reports
Regular video news updates
Hard-hitting op-eds and media interviews
Collaboration with other organizations and coalitions
Advertising in newspapers, magazines, and around town
Taking your concerns to decision makers on the ground

3. Optional: We’d like to know what inspires our supporters! What is your favourite thing about the open Internet?

4. Would you ever consider becoming a monthly financial supporter of OpenMedia?


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5. With your help, we've been able to move politics and influence decision-makers through building a post-partisan movement. Please help us improve our outreach to all citizens by letting us know which political party you most closely identify with.

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Our Digital Action Team is a community of people committed to taking regular actions to safeguard the possibilities of the open Internet.

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