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Supporter Survey

The Internet impacts every aspect of our lives, and we all deserve a say in how it's managed. is looking for input from all Canadians to help safeguard the possibilities of the open, affordable, and surveillance-free Internet.

1. At OpenMedia, we plan upcoming campaigns by responding to the concerns of our community. Which of the following issues would you like to see OpenMedia do more work on?


Not ImportantSomewhat ImportantVery Important
Fair rates for all, through real choice among cell phone providers
Fighting for Internet affordability
Speaking out against warrantless online spying
Net neutrality - pushing for penalties to Internet service providers who discriminate against certain kinds of online content
Pushing for public investment in the Internet, particularly in rural areas
Opening up networks to independent Internet service providers to create more choice in Internet service
Fighting overly restrictive copyright laws
Advocating for citizen-designed government strategies to boost the digital economy
Contributing to international efforts to build a global pro-Internet movement

2. We're up against some of the most entrenched institutions in the country. They have money and power, but we have one of the largest communities of people in the country. How would you like to get involved with OpenMedia? (Check all that apply)

3. We want to provide more opportunities for input and recognition to the members of the pro-Internet community who provide us with the financial support we need to keep operating. Please let us know which of these is of interest to you (check all that apply):

4. Would you consider becoming a monthly financial supporter of OpenMedia?

5. What makes an OpenMedia campaign appealing to you?

Not ImportantSomewhat ImportantVery Important
Sophisticated online tools
Engaging & accessible social media content
Informative & timely emails
Hard-hitting op-eds and media interviews
Weekly video news updates
Advertising in newspapers, magazines and on transit

6. OpenMedia organizes a Digital Action Team, a community of people committed to taking regular actions to safeguard the open and affordable Internet. We work to determine the most advantageous actions for you to take, and to give you regular campaign updates. Would you sign up to take these crucial actions to defend our digital rights?

7. With your help, we've been able to move politics and influence decision-makers through building a post-partisan movement. Targeting our actions to different parties and their supporters is an important part of this process. Please help us by letting us know which political party you most closely identify with.

8. Optional: We’d like to know what inspires our supporters! In about 150 words, what is your favourite thing about the open Internet?


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