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Fair Deal Coalition gains momentum, as thousands speak out against TPP copyright rules

Posted by David Christopher on Fri, 06/14/2013 - 10:20
Can you believe it’s been only a few weeks since the launch of our Fair Deal Coalition? Already, we’ve seen remarkable momentum, as more and more citizens from across the twelve Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiating countries get on board the campaign to stop the TPP from changing copyright laws in ways that would wreak havoc on our society.
In just a few weeks, over 14,600 people have signed up to support the Fair Deal Coalition’s positive vision of how copyright law can be shaped for the 21st century, with more signing on every day. The Coalition now has over thirty major organizations united behind its positive vision of shaping copyright rules that work for citizens, creators, and innovators, not just for unaccountable Big Media conglomerates and their lawyers. 
Already the Coalition has been active on the ground in Peru, raising concerns directly with trade negotiators during the TPP negotiations taking place there recently. We’ve also welcomed our first member organization from Japan – the Movement for Internet Active Users (MIAU). 
Coalition members from across the Trans-Pacific region have been writing to their Trade Ministers, with our own Steve Anderson demanding that Canada’s government stop selling out our online freedom of expression in secretive trade talks.
New Zealanders have been particularly active in showering their Trade Minister Tim Groser with letters asking why 20th century copyright proposals are included in what he calls a 21st century trade agreement. We’ve also received positive coverage on Radio Australia, and in Peru’s La Republica.
All this goes to show that the Fair Deal message is really resonating with people around the world. That’s all the more impressive because most people don’t follow the ins-and-outs of trade negotiations very closely, and would be shocked to discover how the TPP would criminalize their everyday use of the Internet. Our friends at the EFF have produced this video to explain why the TPP is the biggest threat to the Internet we face today.
It’s vital to raise awareness and get as many individuals and organizations as possible standing together, and amplifying the call for a fair deal. An active and engaged citizenry is the best way to show our elected representatives that they will be held accountable for what they are trying to do behind closed doors. 
Our Coalition has already shown impressive momentum, but it’s still early days and much more work remains to be done. We need all hands on deck – you can help by adding your name at, and by sharing this link with everyone you know, including your friends on Facebook and Google+, and your followers on Twitter. Our voices are stronger when we stand together!