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Image for Canada’s Political Party Privacy Hall of Shame

Canada’s Political Party Privacy Hall of Shame

The top privacy breaches of all time by political parties
Image for Green Party endorses Internet freedom

Green Party endorses Internet freedom

As a post-partisan organization, we celebrate when any of our political parties take action to stand up for Internet freedom. The Green Parties of Canada, New Zealand and Australia are uniting in speaking out against the restricting Internet provisions within the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. It's a statement that we hope to see become a continued dialogue for our government representatives. Help speak out and spread the word at StopTheTrap.net. Let's ensure that governments worldwide are aware that we don't trust our Internet's future being signed away to a group of lobbyists and corporations. Statement from Green Party of Canada: The Green Party of Canada spoke out against the TPP’s Internet trap through a firm statement calling the TPP the “end of a free Internet”. We issued the statement with Green Parties of New Zealand, and Australia.

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