Image for Check out what experts had to say at our Privacy Town Hall earlier today

Check out what experts had to say at our Privacy Town Hall earlier today

Earlier today we held a Privacy Town Hall to launch Canada's Privacy Plan - our crowdsourced pro-privacy action plan that was shaped by over 125,000 everyday Canadians. Check out what people had to say: On this Facebook thread On this Reddit AMA We had great expert guests to cover all the bases - thanks to each and every one of them for taking part:   Cindy Blackstock, Gitxsan activist for child welfare Tom Henheffer, Executive Director of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression   Connie Fournier, Co-founder of the principled conservative forum Free Dominion Brenda McPhail, Director of the Privacy, Technology and Surveillance Project at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association,   Brett Gaylor Canadian documentary filmmaker and creator of Do Not Track David Christopher, lead author of OpenMedia's "Canada’s Privacy Plan"

Canada is facing a privacy crisis: the government's spying bill C-51 threatens to undermine the privacy of all Canadians. It's never been more important to have a robust debate about how we address our stark privacy deficit.

Don't miss our Town Hall today at 11am PT / 2pm ET - we'll be debating the challenges we face, and discussing how Canadians are working together to win strong privacy safeguards to ensure our private lives are protected.
This discussion will be taking place on our lively Facebook page and our reddit AMA - but if you're not on Facebook or Reddit don't worry. Just leave a question or comment below and we'll make sure you're part of the debate.

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