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Right now, President Obama is meeting with key leaders in Asia to finalize the ‘Trans Pacific Partnership’ (TPP) in complete secrecy. Leaked documents show that this secretive plan will censor the Internet and strip away our rights. 

We're going to use a high powered spotlight to project a StopTheSecrecy message on key buildings in Washington D.C. to ensure Obama, the media, and everyone else knows TPP secrecy must be stopped. To spread the word, all it takes is a few lines of code. Please add this petition code to your personal blog or your company's website and our servers will handle the rest. Every time somebody signs the petition, our projections will get bigger and more powerful. Please help us get the word out today.


The code:

<script type="text/javascript"> widgetContext = {"url":"https:\u002F\\u002Fwidgets\u002Fstop-secrecy?width=260\u0026height=460\u0026src=aux", "width":"260", "height":"705", "widgetid":"web_widget_iframe_9c82eae7a4902042e4b47b5c826fa5e6", "scrolling":"auto"}; </script><script id="web_widget_iframe_9c82eae7a4902042e4b47b5c826fa5e6" src=""></script>


Email your supporters using this sample email text:

President Obama and other leaders are meeting in Asia right now to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership - a deal that threatens to censor your use of the Internet, kill jobs, undermine environmental protections and remove your democratic rights.

This is urgent: They’re trying to nail down this deal right now under cover of extreme secrecy, with citizens and public interest groups entirely excluded from the talks. Meanwhile, at home an army of lobbyists are trying to ram through a fast track law that would force the TPP through the U.S. Congress without a public debate.

We’re doing our best to stop them, but we need your help. Can we count on your support to tell decision-makers to reject the TPP’s job-killing Internet censorship plan?

They’re pulling out all the stops to finalize this deal in secret talks - but citizens are speaking out and fighting back. Today, we are joining the largest-ever international campaign against the excessive secrecy surrounding the TPP. We’re calling for Obama to end the secrecy by immediately releasing the full text of the TPP so that it can be debated democratically by the public.

We’ll be using a high-powered spotlight to beam a hard-hitting Stop the Secrecy message on key buildings in Washington, D.C. This signal will get larger and larger as more people join our campaign at

The more who support us the more powerful our voice will be. That’s why we’re urging you to join hundreds of thousands speaking out at

The stakes could not be higher. Please, join us and speak out now before it’s too late.


Sample Tweets

#StopTheSecrecy surrounding the #TPP at  
Don't let the #TPP kick you off the #Internet. #StopTheSecrecy at 
#TPP could censor the #Internet, kill jobs, undermine environmental protections and remove your democratic rights. 



Facebook Post

The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens to censor your use of the Internet, kill jobs, undermine environmental protections and remove your democratic rights. Law-makers don't even want you to know about it. Please SHARE this image and speak out at 
Law-makers want to keep you in the dark about TPP negotiations, which threaten to censor the internet, kill jobs, undermine environmental protections, and remove your democratic rights. Please SHARE this image and speak out at 
TPP negotiations are shrouded in secrecy. Help us shed some light and #stopthesecrecy. Please SHARE this image and speak out at 

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<a href=""><img src="" alt="StopTheSecrecy" height="250" width="300" /></a>


<a href=""><img src="" alt="StopTheSecrecy" height="200" width="200" /></a>


Write a Letter to the Editor

In the U.S.




Check out the Progressive Democrats of America's easy-to-use tool and share news on the TPP with your daily newspaper.


In Canada




Click here for's easy-to-use letter to the editor tool to write a letter to your local newspaper



April 22 to May 7 are the 16 days of action to stop fast tracking the secretive TPP. The groups listed below have many actions planned online and on the ground. Take a look below to see where you can take action!


April 22-30:


As people around the world add their name to the Stop The Secrecy petition, we will project make our hard-hitting message bigger and brigther on key buildings in Washington, DC. 



April 22: Rally in Tokyo, Japan


On April 22 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM (Japanese Standard Time), concerned citizens from all over Tokyo will rally in front of Prime minister's house to oppose TPP negotiations with U.S. President Barack Obama. You can learn more at:



May 7: CWA Rally in Washington, DC


On May 7, one thousand activists will stand strong and stand together with a powerful message: No Fast Track, Fix TPP, It's Time for a New Fair Trade Framework!

The rally will take place in conjunction with the Communications Workers of America's Legislative-Political & Movement Building Conference. The conference and rally will bring together allies from across the progressive movement. We want to show lawmakers that the entire progressive movement is united in this fight to stop fast track and work for a 21st-century global economy that works for working families.