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Face to Face with Internet Censorship

In a matter of days decision-makers will meet to finalize the Trans Pacific Partnership's (TPP) Internet censorship plan.1

There's hope: Under pressure from over 3.1 million people around the world2, those working on the plan have agreed to meet with your OpenMedia team. 

Fill out the form on this page and we'll present your comments face-to-face with key figures who are working to finalize the TPP Internet censorship plan. 

Tell those with the power to stop extreme Internet censorship what you think by using our easy-to-use Internet voice tool now. >>>

The TPP threatens to end free expression online as we know it. It would force service providers to censor the Internet – removing content, and even blocking websites outright.3 4 The expense will be passed on to you.

We have a unique opportunity to reach these decision-makers face-to-face but only if you speak up now.

Join people all over the web5, by using our tool to get your voice directly to those behind the TPP now >>>  

*Once you've added your voice using our form you can see what others had to say below.

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[1] According to Professor Michael Geist the TPP would lead to content blocking. Source: Michael Geist.

[2]Huge international campaign beams 3.1 million signature petition count on prominent buildings in Washington, D.C. Source:

[3] Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). Source: WikiLeaks.

[4] Infographic: Life under the TPP - How will it affect you?

[5]We’re collecting input on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter (hashtag #Face2FaceTPP).