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Reporting from Gatineau | Weekly News Update from OpenMedia

Hello! Here's Lindsey with your update:

Check it out as Lindsey reports from outside the CRTC hearings in Gatineau that could shape the future of cell phone service in Canada. Don’t miss out on our biggest news item though, which comes from across the river, where the Justice Minister has just announced that online spying bill C-30 has been scrapped - and it's thanks to you!. Sign up to get these updates in your inbox: http://openmedia.ca/weekly

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Recent News

Looks like we won

We did it! The Conservative government has killed online spying legislation Bill C-30! If passed, the bill would have provided access to your private online information without a warrant, and you would have had to pay for it.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson announced on Monday, "We will not be proceeding with Bill C-30 ... We've listened to the concerns of Canadians who have been very clear on this."

It doesn't get clearer than that. We’ve won, and it was you and nearly 150,000 other Canadians who made it happen with your signatures, comments, creativity, and your donations. Your team at OpenMedia.ca will remain vigilant.

You know we’re effective when we work together, but the truth is, if OpenMedia.ca is to continue amplifying your voice and standing up for your rights, we need support from people like you to keep us going. Please chip in with $5, $10, $20, or whatever you can afford right now. Read more »


Celebrating privacy win and pushing forward for the future

Your efforts pushed the government to kill Bill C-30. And “this is a victory for each and every Canadian and it’s pretty inspiring to see what we can do when we send a clear message to the government." As many of you have pointed out though, we must remain vigilant against any attempts by the government to push some of the measures through. If and when this happens, we need to loudly discourage them from doing so. Let's celebrate this win and push for a pro-privacy commitment: http://openmedia.ca/tellviceverything

Article by Stephen Thomson for Straight.com:

Vancouver Internet-advocacy group OpenMedia.ca is celebrating a decision by the federal government to abandon its controversial online surveillance legislation. Read more »


Big Telecom doesn't like the CRTC cell phone rules

Rogers and Telus say limiting roaming fees would be "very disruptive” and “enormously expensive” for them. Our own Lindsey pushed back against the telecom giants at the CRTC cell phone rules hearing yesterday, and Steve had this response “We pay some of highest prices in the industrialized world for some of the worst service. Capping expensive and unnecessary overage fees that are out of step with actual cost of service, is the least the telecom companies can do at this point.” What are your thoughts on the discussions at the CRTC hearing so far? Tell us in the comments below!

Article by Christine Dobby for the Financial Post:

Executives from two of Canada’s biggest wireless carriers denounced Tuesday a proposed spending cap in submissions to the country’s telecom regulator, arguing it would be technically impossible to implement and serve little purpose other than to annoy customers. Read more »


Bringing your Cell Phone Horror Stories to the CRTC

Earlier this year you sent us your cell phone horror stories. Today, using your stories, we brought a citizen-oriented perspective, grounded in Canadians' lived realities, to the CRTC national cell phone rules hearing. You also deserve to give yourselves high-fives for causing the defeat of the online spying bill c-30. Let's continue working for an open, free, and secure Internet - onward!

Article by Jenny Uechi for Vancouver Observer:

OpenMedia.ca communications manager Lindsey Pinto presented to the CRTC at the national cell phone rules hearing in Ottawa today, reading out selected 'cell phone horror stories' from Canadians about their mobile phone service. Read more »


Lindsey brings your cell phone concerns to the CRTC

You sent us your cell phone horror stories earlier this year, letting us know what's wrong with Canada's cell phone market. Today, Lindsey brought your stories and concerns to the CRTC at the national cell phone rules hearing - check out her contribution below. Our goal is to bring a citizen-oriented view to the code, one that is grounded in Canadians' lived realities. Help us further amplify your voice by sharing your story for our upcoming report. Read more »


Your cell phone horror stories in their hands.

Check out this sneak peek of Canadians’ concerns that OpenMedia will take to the CRTC at the national cell phone rules hearing tomorrow at 8:30am ET (5:30am PT). 


Breaking: Independent ISP Distributel Stands Up Against Copyright Troll Seeking Private Info of Canadians

Since the recent passage of the government's problematic Internet lockdown bill C-11, old media conglomerates have been dreaming up ways to put it to use in their quest to protect out-dated business models. This is very reminiscent of Canada's big telecom companies who tried to impose a pay-meter on the Internet use of all Canadians in an effort to prevent us from cutting our TV subscriptions in favour of online video.

In this case these old media bureaucracies are trying to get Internet service providers to pass along the private online information of Canadians they accuse of violating copyright rules. What a good way to scare us away from using the Internet as source of content.

The media conglomerates appear to be targeting independent Internet service providers. First it was Teksavvy who took some measures to push back against media company Voltage. You can see my posts on that case here and here. Now it's Distributel, an independent internet service provider, who is being asked by NGN Prima Productions to turn over our online information. Read more »


The safety of your online information.

As more individuals and services move online, it’s crucial that people’s private online data be protected. We need a firm commitment from government to create strong citizen-centric policies. Change happens when citizens push for it. Send our Action Plan to your MP and call for a citizen-centric, pro-privacy digital strategy: http://openmedia.ca/report

Article by Armina Lagaya for the CBC:

Staying away from social media such as Facebook and Twitter and deliberately limiting the amount of personal information you disclose online may not be enough to protect yourself from having your private data exposed. Read more »



Good news! The Competition Bureau’s submission on the CRTC draft wireless rules for mobile phone and Internet service echoes what we at OpenMedia.ca have put forward on behalf of Canadians. You know we're starting to win the debate when the Competition Bureau goes out of it's way to support the same positions. Our own Lindsey Pinto will travel to the CRTC hearing on the proposed rules next week to amplify your voices. Let’s show Canadians are behind her and share this far and wide: http://cellphonehorrorstory.ca/Read more »