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OpenMedia.ca wants your input on Stop The Meter

We at OpenMedia.ca have been getting great advice for the future of our Stop The Meter campaign from our Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and folks on DSL Reports, Reddit, and more! Just check out the videos HERE and HERE, and this open letter campaign.

We know you're full of interesting, and imaginative ideas for spreading the word about the Stop The Meter campaign, so today we're taking some time to ask our supporters for input. How do you think we can engage more people?

We know from past campaigns that our successes result from effectively demonstrating to policymakers that Canadians are behind us. We've done this before by using town halls, letter-writing campaigns, and petitions like Stop The Meter.

Now that over 25,000 people have expressed their opposition to usage-based billing on www.StopTheMeter.ca, we don't want to leave the next steps to chance -- we need to step up this campaign so that policymakers have no choice but to side with us. With your input, we think that we can win.

Post your suggestions on our Facebook Wall, Twitter, Reddit, DSL Reports, or any other public space online (but make sure you let us know where else to check!). You can also post a comment below or email us.

Please include the web address http://stopthemeter.ca in your input so others know what you're referring to.

All ideas, questions, and comments are welcome, and you'll be credited for your work if we use your idea (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

Thanks a lot!

The OpenMedia.ca Team


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