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No Internet Lockdown petition gets shout-out in Parliament

The No Internet Lockdown petition made its way into Parliament today. NDP MP Andrew Cash mentioned to petition and the public outcry in the Committee meeting.

This is how politicians and parties should operate—join with the citizen-based campaigns to fight for the open and affordable Internet. In our post-partisan approach we ideally want every party to come on side with Canadians on every important Internet issue.

Together, we successfully brought every party onside with our Stop The Meter (UBB) campaign as you can see through this infographic:

Pro-Internet Community Timeline
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We need to continue to build consensus around our cause until we stop all the lobbyists-backed restrictions on our Internet use. Onward!

We've been lucky to have pro-Internet community member Russell McOrmond video-reporting on the process in Parliament on our website. See his latest here. As Russell mentions at the end of his piece, the process continues. Let's stay on top of this.