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ICLMG: Mr. Paulson: “We have enough power to fight cybercrime”

  Our friends at the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group - CSILC​ responded to the RCMP statements about requirements of warrantless Internet subscriber information:   Article by Monia Mazigh for ICLMG

By Monia Mazigh – The recent appeal by Bob Paulson the RCMP commissioner to the Canadian public about the urgent need to have warrantless access to our communication is worrisome for multiple reasons.

Fighting cybercrime is crucial as well as fighting all other forms of crimes but that never be done at the expense of our privacy rights. The excuses of fighting the horrible perpetrators of child pornography for instance cannot be used as a pretext, no matter how noble and genuine the reason is, to collect data on Internet users.

The climate of fear and uncertainty that followed the Paris attack shouldn’t be used as a carte blanche to ask the population for a warrantless access to their phones.

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