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Campaign Update: Over 25,000 Canadians now on the record demanding faster, cheaper Internet

Yesterday was the deadline for the first round of input into a historic government hearing that will determine whether Canadians get faster, cheaper Internet, or get stuck with Big Telecom’s slow and expensive service for generations to come.

OpenMedia was one of over 300 organizations and individuals that have entered the hearing before yesterday’s deadline – and our community has reason to be proud. In our submission, we have included the perspectives of more than 25,000 citizens, including those who submitted both unique comments and our open letter petition at This is outstanding and never would have happened without your support and enthusiasm.

The hearing, known to policy wonks as CRTC 2015-134: Review of basic telecommunications services, will take place over the next year and have a significant impact on high-speed Internet affordability, access, and quality (i.e., speed).

Canada already suffers from some of the slowest and most expensive Internet. And, as we’ve said elsewhere, in a futuristic world where cars drive themselves, Netflix streams high def movies in 4k, and personal drones pick up your groceries, fast, affordable, world-class Internet will be even more important.

You can see our submission, and others on the CRTC’s website here.

The good news is that lots of groups around the country are making noise about the importance of this hearing, including ACORN, who held rallies outside regional CRTC offices all over Canada. You can see coverage of the rallies here, and here, and we’d encourage anyone who’s interested to reach out and see how they can get involved.

In the meantime, your OpenMedia team will be hard at work analyzing the content of your comments and will be getting our crack policy team ready to intervene throughout the rest of the process to ensure your views are represented at every possible opportunity. We’ll keep you posted on the next steps, and how you can get involved as soon as we have the details together.

Until then, please sign our petition to show key decision-makers at the CRTC our people-powered movement for the open Internet, or share it on Facebook and Twitter if you’ve signed it already.